A Fresh Take On Deal Sourcing

Watercress Capital was formed by veterans with a history in mergers & acquisitions and a goal of connecting Individuals, Family Offices, Private Equity Groups, and Search Funds with lower to middle market deal flow across the United States, with a focus in the Southeast.

What We Do

Watercress Capital is a lower to middle market focused mergers & acquisition firm that specializes in connecting business owners and investors with acquisition opportunities. We understand the difficulties of searching for good business acquisitions, so we set out to streamline the process for buyers and generate high quality results. We have helped clients all over the United States find, finance, and close on opportunities from $5,000,000 to $100,000,000 in value.

If you’re looking for a business to purchase and have been unsuccessful, you are not alone. Relying on sell-side brokers or listings to find an opportunity tailor made for your situation is next to impossible. At Watercress we source transactions that meet your specific criteria, getting you to a closing in the quickest manner possible, with little or no competitive bidding. There is a massive market of non-public acquisition possibilities, we provide you access to these opportunities.


Our buy-side search process takes our clients through all phases of the acquisition process. We first begin deal sourcing by locating and finding businesses that fit your investment criteria through proprietary deal flow. We then help begin negotiations with the seller to find the right pricing and structure. From there, we help with financing utilizing our network of lending partners to find the right financing package. Finally, we assist buyers through due diligence and purchase agreements.

Private Equity

Watercress Capital functions as your deal sourcing partner. By outsourcing your deal flow needs to us, we can help you find the best possible add-ons or platform investments to meet your investment criteria. We work on your behalf to contact, qualify, and gather information on exclusive opportunities for you.

Search Funds

Deal Sourcing is the most difficult part of the search fund process. Finding quality, consistent deal flow is where most and search funds struggle. We’re here to help, by developing proprietary deal flow we are generating opportunities that are not part of a competitive auction.

Family Offices

By developing proprietary flow, Watercress is able to offer opportunities that are simply not available to the rest of the market. We have worked with a number of family offices to find them deals that beneficial to all parties involved with the transaction.


Sellers are always telling us that our firm and process are different. If you receive a note from our firm, our client has a sincere interest in purchasing your business. We are not typical business brokerage firm, that is trolling for listings or trying to sell you an overpriced valuation of your company.  

If you own a business with cash flow above $500,000, the most likely buyer of your business is an out-placed corporate executive or investment group. At Watercress we offer access to these buyers that enlist us from across the United States. These are clients that have engaged our firm to help them better find acquisition opportunities.

If our client is not the right fit, but you still want to sell your business, where do you turn to? Your local business broker could assist you for a double-digit success fee and an upfront cost, but what if we could offer a better service at a better price? That's what we set out to do.

We help sellers create a competitive market of interested and qualified parties. For owners that want to be more proactive, we offer sell-side services. We understand that selling a business is typically a once in a lifetime event for the owner, and the most significant financial decision the owner will ever make. We understand that confidentiality and trust are key concerns for business owners going through a sale. We are able to maintain confidentiality, qualifying potential buyers to close transactions in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  

Our Sell-Side process allows you to keep running the business, while we confidentially present your company to qualified buyers. We are able to work with buyers to finance a transaction, providing you with the most up-front cash available from the sale of your business.

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