Our Services

"What sets us apart is providing some of the most unique opportunities on the marker to entrepreneurs, private equity groups, family office, search funds, and capital investors – and their families. Together, we view wealth not as a prize but as potential."

"We are founded on the idea that family and investment goals are each different, uniquely complex, and ultimately personal. And therefore deserving of a team and strategies that uniquely match their journeys and their needs."

- Our President

Our Services

Over years of serving various capital groups & equity investors to business owners & entrepreneurs, we have cultivated a suite of complementary and interconnected services designed to identify and make available extraordinary opportunities for generational wealth growth and cultivation for you.

Transitions & Exits

There comes a day when every business owner must pass his work and legacy on to the next generation. We all desire that legacy be remembered and preserved, but even better — enhanced. Whether it be to one of our qualified, internal buyers or the broader market through our investment banking services, our team devotes their attention to finding the right buyer for your business.

Deal Sourcing & Acquisitions

You may have heard saying: fish where the fish are. That may work for some, but if you've done it enough, you know it sure can get crowded. We've got a solution — get active. Our deal sourcing team aspires to find the right business for your next platform, add-on, or stand alone investment by developing direct relationships and making introductions to proprietary, off-market deals regularly.

Investor Placement

You don't need to get lost in the prospective client list of a private equity group as you wait to put your capital to work. We have many investors actively searching for small business investment opportunities on an ongoing basis. These investors provide prospective buyers with flexibility, non-exclusive capital relationships, and a unique path.

SBA Financing

Entrepreneurs and search funds looking to expand their network of financing partners are welcome to utilize our extensive network of Small Business Lenders to finance their next transaction. Our network provides both diversity in terms sheets and backups options for closing your next small business acquisition.